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It’s almost as if every good looking and classy gadget or appliance has to sacrifice some ruggedness for its appearance, well we introduce to you a norm breaker- DCS appliances. When you purchase a DCS appliance, what you get is a product that has been crafted to withstand the unpredictability of our environment and the little mishandlings that come from us. It does so by fusing power, performance and precision without compromising the ultra-premium look of your appliance.

The products are a perfect combination of beauty and brains that retains the intuitive functionality required by a basic household to complement our tasking daily routines. Likewise, DCS appliances are also popular due to its integrated power performance that a professional chef needs to cater for a wide range of dishes and delicacies.

DCS appliances are notable for being an all-in-one solution that affords you the luxury you require to cater for your outdoor events. It saves a whole lot of time by eliminating the mundane backs and froths associated with washing, cleaning, icing and other miscellaneous tasks. All these are handled professionally with the tiniest margin for error providing you with more time to enjoy your occasion.

The beauty of the DCS appliance lies not just in its ability to show the classy taste of your home, but also the way it retrofits your home to perfection by sprinkling a little rusty- timeless fashion on it. DCS appliances have now evolved into the new Fisher and Paykel that is notorious for producing a professional series of product that challenges normalcy.

 Do you need professional guide and support with an existing DCS product in Tampa, FL? Do you need to fix or maintain any of your DCS appliance? Our technicians possesses a superfluous proportion of expertise capable of restoring your products to a good working order.


Dishwasher repairs in Tampa, FL


Life generally has become busy, and man now constantly keeps looking for ways to make things easy. The implication of this has resulted in the dishwasher becoming a necessity other than a luxury. It is one of the most important household appliances and it helps you get through arguably the most non-attractive kitchen duty – cleaning dishes. Problems over your dishwasher should however be expected but you don’t have to lose your sleep over it, we will fix it.

Most common dishwasher problems

  • Power:

    Every dishwasher needs power to start but plugging it, getting it powered and switching it on doesn’t mean it would work. Sometimes it could be as a result of a bad circuit or a burnt heating element in your appliance. It can be repaired or replaced.
  • Dishwasher Thermal Fuse:

    There might be a problem with your thermal fuse. It's often in the control panel, and can be examined for circuit continuity. If it's damaged, you'll be buying a new thermal fuse.
  • Dishwasher Door:

    Sometimes, the defective part might be the door switch. It prevents the dishwasher from working, and it is difficult to detect when the door is safely closed. If the door latch assembly is also physically broken it cannot be repaired, it requires an outright replacement.
  • Dishwasher Electronics:

    The fault might lie in the control panel. It’s usually as a result of your dishwasher’s age. In this case, a new control panel can be easily obtained and installed.
  • Leakages:

    This is usually as a result of a damaged or a suck spray arm causing a wave action inside the washer tub
  • Timer:

    The timer can also be the defective part. Dishwashers’ timers are a common cause of a non-starting dishwasher. This too can be fixed.
  • Spray Arm Blocked:

    Spray arms underneath the baskets are created to rotate as water is passes through them.  Tiny foreign objects often clog the spray arm which leads to the blockage of the small holes where the water is supposed to spray out.

Any of this issues and more could easily be handled by our experienced expertise in Tampa, FL.

Our specialists have in their mobile units the following parts;

  • *Wash pump motor
  • *Circulation pump
  • *Detergent dispenser
  • *Water inlet valve

Our technicians specialize in the following brands,

Bosch repair*,  Maytag repair*,  Miele repair*,  Samsung repair* SPT repair*,  GE Profile repair*, KitchenAid repair*,  Thermador repair*,  LG repair*,  Frigidaire repair*,  whirlpool repair*,  Amana repair*

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